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Myth Magic CD - $17.00
Dreamwalker Cover

1. Digging Up the Devils
2. Myth Magic
3. Rain Gods
4. Space Child
5. Walk with Me
6. Wolves
7. Mama's Babies
8. Luna LLena
9. Open Channel
10. Dragonfly


Kan'Nal Live at the Boulder Theatre DVD - $25   Free shipping!
Dreamwalker Cover

1. Intro
2. Spacechild
3. Venado
4. Animal Angel
5. Woman Who Sees
6. Dragonfly
7. Gypsy
8. Desert Flower
9. Dreamwalker
10. Outro

Extras: Earth Dance Performances of Desert Flower and Gypsy.


Dreamwalker CD - $16.99   Free shipping!
Dreamwalker Cover Gypsy 6:02
All Things Change 4:36
Desert Flower 6:36
Oxlahun 4:46
Time 3:57
Iris 9:56
Animal Angel -live 9:00
Sun and Moon -live 9:18
Dreamwalker -live 6:58


KAN'NAL CD - $16.99    Free shipping!
Kan'Nal Cover

This self-titled album was recorded in 2001 by Tzol and Tierro. It is a beautiful journey into the roots of Kan'Nal.

written by Tzol
produced by Tierro And Tzol
copyright 2001 Kan'Nal

1: Kan'Nal Viene 1:12
2: Kodoish 6:30
3: Spacechild 4:57
4: In It for Life 4:31
5: Open Channel 5:27
6: All Things Change 3:42
7: Time 2:57
8: Iris 6:50
9: Heh Kan'Nal 5:52
10: Holy Ground 3:29
11: Palenque Rain Song 13:05


"DREAMWALKER" T-shirt - $17

Black T White T
didj shop

Conscious, professional didge sellers, center for cultural exchange and community. Every didgeridoo on this site is a genuine termite-hollowed didj, ecologically harvested and painted by Australian Aboriginal artists.

(A percent of all didges bought through this link goes to Kan'Nal.)

Feel free to contact Aaron also for help and advice on buying didges. email: aaronj (@)


Kan'Nal custom Djembe

djembe (limited quantities only!)
Click image for enlargements.
Sustainably harvested, highest quality Goat skins, thick gage metal rings, and non-stretch alpine climbing rope utilized.

Click here for more images and information on the making of these drums.

Dimensions= 11" head x 20" tall.

Price= $195 per drum $30 per case.

To order one of these drums please send an email to


KAN'NAL DRAGON POSTER - $8.99 QTY Free shipping!

Kan'Nal Dragon Poster
11" x 17" - full color

created by: Aaron Jerad